How bad do you want it?

That’s the title of a book I’ve been not reading for over 6 months by Matt Fitzgerald subtitled Mastering the psychology of mind over muscle it was recommended by Ultra runner Damian Hall on a podcast and I’ve not got passed the first chapter. Maybe I don’t want it bad enough after all.

Let’s review my week then The last in 3month block since January before tapering for That London Marathon. Up at my Mum and Dads in Yetholm where the worlds most brutal ultra finishes ‘The spine’. I guess they’ve never heard of the Barkley marathon in Tennessee where last week no one finished. There is a good film on Netflix about it. Anyway it was great to see my family in the borders and get some more hilly miles in.

Good Friday Salford 10k is one of my favorite races as it’s just before London/Manchester Maras and well organized by Salford Harriers,two laps around M7 (Agecroft )it’s not glamorous but does what it says on the tin. I planned to run steadily and go sub 37min after a 56mile week build up. The weather was perfect and as we approached 4K a railing appeared in front and a guy next to me t-boned himself on it . Ouch! amazingly the same runner was back in the group by 6k and a Marshall was covering the hazard on lap2. Happy with 36:15 I warmed down with a Stockport runner V45 like me called Charlie I only know him from seeing his name next to mine in results and we have followed each other on strava .Good luck in Boston Marathon next week Charlie!

Not learning my lesson I rocked up to Stretford Park run Saturday and chasing a female runner she kindly paced me round until the last K . Here you meet some of the slower runners ,overtaking slower runners is difficult so I shouted keep right! Which they’ve done and I could sense the elusive sub 18 alas had to settle for 18:03 and thanks for the Easter egg at the finish.

Saturday afternoon I dropped my bairn off at horse riding and went home to valet my car straining my back in the process,cue panic maranoia .

After a late but local one watching an Adele tribute we greeted Easter Sunday with joyful enthusiasm .My football team have set up a big weekend in Manchester if they win The derby. Concerns for Duncan a big blue who is booked in for 26.2 round Manc the next day.

Managed my last 20 miler with 2×5 mile at nothing like marathon pace one set too fast the other one equally irrational sums up my mood bloody running it’s unbearable at times unfortunately not running is worse .

Good luck everyone



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